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Russian-English Phrase book of F1

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Отправлено 02 October 2010 - 06:04

Lost a word? Let's help each other to win the language barrier. All is not in English. As the Ferrari team is Italian a few words of Italy can be important to know as well. Spanish fans are very fanatic and at least it's good to know this line in Spain: Una cerveza, por favor!
Those of you who wish to test your skills of Russia language can do it here:
The more links to Russian-English language sites, the better!

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Отправлено 16 October 2010 - 19:36

First we have to know the alphabets of Russian language in order to learn anything. This is the hardest part:

The voice is from Natasha Bulashova. All credits to her!.

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Отправлено 03 November 2010 - 23:04

Finally here are some practical tips how to register with this forum. The tips are meant for non Russian speakers but may be useful for Russian speakers who want to register with English Forums.

Here is the internet address of this nice website in English

There are plenty of useful info at the front page. So Please be patient and scroll down the front page to see many interesting things before proceeding to the registration. For example, On the Front Page you can find a very practical counter, results of the last race and Drivers' standings.

Now about the hardest part: Registration.
On the top of the front page pls choose Forum by clicking the Forum link.
Now you should see on the top right corner of the page the following Russian words
Вход Регистрация Помощь ( Login, Registration, Help)

Please click the Регистрация- link and you are redirected to the page where you need to accep the rules of this Forum.
Pleace check the box before the text Я ознакомился с правилами и условиями, и принимаю их
This just means that you have read , understood and agree to forum rules and conditions!
(Don't worry the rules are pretty much same all over the world)
Now click the link Продолжить Регистрацию ( continue with registration)

And now you can fill in the registration form. There are the following fields:

Логин (This is your username)

E-mail адрес (This is your email address)
Пароль (This is your password)
Подтвердите пароль ( This is your password again)

Шаг 2: Настройки форума ( configuration of the forum)

Получать e-mail от администрации форума (Leave this as it is)
Получать e-mail от других пользователей (Leave this as it is)

Регистрация или Отмена Accept or Cancel (registration)
And yes, choose here the first option!

If all the fields were correctly filled in, you have received the confirmation email to
your email inbox and you have to click that email in order to confirm your email address.

Once that is done you can just come back to the Forum page and login.
Now You have to choose Вход to login.

You may have made many mistakes and below you can find helpful Russian forums with
English translations:
http://forum.pechenga.ru/ (Really nice website of Murmansk Region with plenty of photos)
http://metalarea.net...act=Reg&CODE=00 The forum rules are explained in

Hope this info can help you all to register with this site!! I will try to add more tips
here. Perhaps Manuscript-agency can help you too.

If I have made many mistakes, please suggest the revisions and improvements here.